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Balsam Oil is a mix of balsam weed and virgin olive oil. Since ancient times, it has been considered to be the ultimate natural medicine for wounds and burned skin. In Greece it is also known as “σπαθόλαδο”, from the Greek word “σπαθί” which means sword, because of its healing abilities for deep wounds during the battles.
Balsam Oil also deals with stomach abnormalities and pain, gastroenteritis and joint disturbances. Nowadays, we use it for mental and neurological conditions due to an active substance it contains, called hypericin.
Ideal for open wounds, it is used as iodine because of its antiseptic qualities. In case of a wound, it would be useful as haemostatic and analgesic. Other diseases where Balsam Oil could offer a natural solution are arthritis, rheumatic disorders, hemorrhoids and intense pain around the neck. It can be even used for irritated areas on your baby’s skin.

Application :
Cleanse the problematic area. As soon as it is dry, coat it with Balsam Oil. Apply 2-3 times a day until you feel pain or burn relief, depending on the situation. Because of the existence of hypericin, which is a photosensitive substance, we recommend you to use Balsam Oil during the night hours.

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