Coconut Oil Bio. 50 ml


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Coconut Oil has plenty of vitamins, metals, antifungals, antioxidants and antibacterial elements, which are divine for the daily treatment of your skin and hair. It is not a coincidence that in India the palm tree is better known as “The Tree of Life”.

Face : Coconut Oil offers unique moisturizing abilities to your skin. Its antioxidants penetrate into the deepest layers, removing the dead cells and leaving the skin smooth and bright. It has anti-aging action due to its high content of vitamin E.

Coconut Oil combined with Honey creates an exceptional moisturizing and antibacterial beauty mask.

Coconut Oil combined with Soda creates a delicate exfoliation scrub.

Hair :  Spread the Coconut Oil along dry or wet hair. The longer the mask stays, the brighter and healthier your hair becomes.

You can also avoid frizzing and prevent split ends with just some drops of oil at the tips of your hair.

Before bath, apply some drops of Coconut Oil on your hair’s roots. It helps you cope with dandruff and dry skin.

Body : If you are searching for a more natural way to moisturize your skin, just use Coconut Oil. It will refresh your body and leave it with a great smell.

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